Adah Hue Essay

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No Roles, No Estate Fate, nature, and identity: in MacBeth, Shakespeare brews these three factors together in a boiling cauldron to demonstrate the dark side of the nature of mankind. MacBeth, initially a loyal general in Duncan’s army, becomes a mad, arrogant tyrant as a result of listening to prophesies of his future – or more specifically, his soon-to-become titles. His prior knowledge of his new titles elicits the inconspicuous avarice within MacBeth, which in return envelops Scotland into disorder and disease. Had he never obtained the ambition to promote his own role as king, Scotland could have remained the way it was under Duncan’s gentle rule; the absence of malicious intent – which had caused the deaths of Duncan, Banquo, and …show more content…
Her intentions to snatch up the ultimate power cannot be executed, for she understands that she, the “opposite” sex, is “supposed” to behave with innocent, gentle behavior, fit to serve a male. Also consider the case of the Gentlewoman, who “[n]either to you nor anyone, having no/ witness to confirm [her] speech” because her status as a mere servant apparently makes her less credible than compared to her superiors (5.1.19-20). The suppression of these characters’ actions is the direct effect of their societal roles; titles limit the being. However, this limitation is broken when MacBeth breaks his own role as a subservient general: the loss of clear identity (due to the ambiguity of the future foreshadowed by the Sisters); therefore, MacBeth does not have defined actions, freeing him from what he is “supposed to do”, and breaks the order of the way things “should be”. How things “should be” – or societal norms, mainly ethics – is established through these roles in a given society. The idea of what is “normal” derives from our propensity to provide roles for people. For instance, the norm of social hierarchy is apparent though the difference in speech of the higher and lower end of the pyramid; thus, roles affect the way people

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