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Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace
Ada Byron, born Augustus Ada Byron in London, England in 1815. Her parents were Anne Isabella Milbanke and the famous Lord Byron. Ada father left Britain leaving her mother and her alone when Ada was just one month old. Ada never saw her father again and she never got to know him. Fearing that Ada would become like her father whose personality was a bit unstable; Anne saw that Ada received the best education using her aristocratic advantages to see that she excelled in science and mathematics. With a peculiar relationship with her mother, servants and her tutors entertained her more than a parental figure. Some of her tutors were very pivotal in her life that they remained in contact even after they had completed tutoring her. Her life changed forever when she met Mary Somerville and Charles
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She showed this by making sure she was very well educated. Ada started making strides in mathematics at a very young age so her mother made sure that nurtured that talent. Lady Byron also felt that if she kept her in her studies she would not have time to develop her father’s volatile behavior. There was concern that Lady Byron was pushing Ada too hard in her studies but she kept insisting that Ada work hard. Her tutors included William Frend, who tutored Lady Byron and could not keep up the pace with Ada because he was too old. Ada also studied with William King, the family’s doctor and Augustus De Morgan, the first mathematics professor of University of London. He helped her with more advanced studies. Ada would soon get to study with Mary Somerville, and old friend of Lady Byron. Mary encouraged Ada in her studies because during that time there was no place in education for women and Mary knows this because she at that time was a famed Astronomer and Mathematician. Mary would soon introduce Ada to Charles Babbage, the creator of The Babbage

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