Ad On Modern Fear Essay

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Ad on Modern Fear Essay
A cultural fear is a nationally or socially generally accepted fear. One of the ways these fears are presented/addressed are through the media. The media uses fear to sway, scare, convince, etc. the general public. Using horrifying visuals, the ad I chose to represent cultural fear uses fear of control or lack thereof to scare people away from smoking cigarettes. A teacher performs a dissection on an obscure creature for his class, just for the experiment to go totally wrong and the subject to escape! We discover that the subject represents a cigarette and its appearance is meant to strike fear into those who come in contact with it. While this commercial is only thirty seconds long, it leaves a feeling of dread and terror. The media definitely succeeded in its goal to persuade with this commercial.
The opening scene is in a bleak science classroom full of students taking notes as their teacher explains details of a subject laying upon an examination table. He begins naming off a list chemicals or toxins that the subject contains. “Formaldehyde, acrolein, nitrobenzene, this actually has over 7,000 chemicals.” This is playing off the fear of lack of control. In naming all of these things, most of which the average human hasn’t a clue about, we recognize that we don’t understand them. Most humans naturally fear what they don’t understand. If we were to allow these enigmas to enter our life/body, how can we control them? The thought of not being able…

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