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Brad Fry

Ad-Lider Embalagens, SA

1. The methodologies of the market research used by Ad-Lider were focus groups and intercept interviews. There were three separate focus groups which were conducted. Two of these groups were carried out in Sao Paulo, while the other was in Rio de Janeiro. In Sao Paulo, one group consisted of housewives living in apartments, while the other was housewives living in houses. In Rio, the group consisted of housewives living in apartments. The profile of Sao Paulo women living in houses were married, had children, ages 28-40, and had a high school education. The Sao Paulo women living in apartments were either married or single, ages 28-39, and had professional careers. The Rio
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Individual interviews in test markets were also conducted in Sendas Supermarkets. A total of 495 interviews were considered valid. As with the focus groups, there were considerable flaws with the way the research was conducted. The first problem is that the all of the interviews were conducted on Sundays. I don’t believe that every type of consumer does their shopping on a Sunday, so interviews should have been conducted on different days of the week as well. Also, the test market was only used in Rio de Janeiro. The results of the focus group made it clear that the consumers in Rio found aspects of garbage bags more appealing than the consumers in Sao Paulo. Placing test markets and conducting interviews in different cities of the country would have made the results more accurate. 2. Through the research conducted, it was found that the ideal garbage bag would have an efficient closing system, was resilient, and had an opaque color. It was also found that in Sao Paulo, there was a slight tendency favor a box style packaging because it was thought of as “being more expensive.” The participants in Rio, however, thought that the box was too chic. The Rio participants were also more used to using the garbage bags that came in a roll. When the garbage bags were distributed to the participants, it was found out that the color of the bag was very much related to the resiliency of it. It was also

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