Ad Analysis : The Big Fan Essay example

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Ad Analysis: The Big Fan For the first time in United States history, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the amount of American adults that are classified as overweight, obese, and extremely obese has risen to an astonishing seventy-three percent. This bias against the fat has become more than a stigma in recent years, and more of a lifestyle. Pocrescophobia, popularly known as fat phobia, has caused needless distress to countless people. Understanding fat phobia as a social justice issue is crucial to the work of reducing body hatred and eating disorders. “Fat phobia has been defined as the pathological fear of fatness, the fear of the obese and the fear of becoming fat" (Cotugna and Mallick). Due to the new millenniums ' skewed morals and negative influences on youth, America is now suffering from a vicious cycle of the pathological fear of fatness.
These negative influences towards fat people are coming from all different directions, such as: music, television, magazines, social networks, crude slang terms, fashion, and weight crazed role models. As the average American receives over five hundred advertising messages a day, the media seemingly tends to influence the American, replacing his or her actual human interactions with the disturbed ideas of advertisers (Fowles 413). One of these horrid advertising messages was recently spotted in a commercial aired by the sports bar/food chain company Hooters. The commercial, now…

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