Summary: The Rhetoric Of Advertising

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Ad Analysis
Today advertisements for women's clothing and makeup target the insecurities of young woman. Companies use the appearance of young, fit, beautiful models to persuade consumers that their appearance is insufficient to societal standards without their product. The ad that I have selected is an advertisement for mascara put out by L'oreal Paris in 2011. This static ad while it is effective is unethical. It uses snob appeal and causes woman to compare themselves to the model, Gwen Stefani. This ad creates the idea that if you buy this mascara you will look more like her through the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos and logos.
This advertisement is incredibly effective for the targeted audience. In order for the advertisement to have
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L'oreal wants to transfer Gwen’s reputation and the things that she believes, stands for, and represents onto this mascara. According to Stuart Hirschberg in his article, “The Rhetoric of Advertising” he states, “The single most important technique for creating this image depends on transferring ideas, attributes, or feelings from outside the product onto the product itself” when discussing the importance for an ad to make a distinct image of a “superior” product (“With These Words…”) Gwen is a beautiful, rich, and famous woman and they use her looks and reputation to lure in buyers. The ad is meant to create the idea of, “If you buy this mascara you will look more like Gwen Stefani” in the mind of the consumer. The advertiser is using snob appeal, and the ethos of Gwen to draw attention to this ad. According to English Department at UCCS “Ethos is the moral, ethical, or societal position held by the author or by other people, groups, documents, or concepts that the author introduces into an essay” (“Stretch Course Packet.”) For this analysis the discussion is about an advertisement and the morals, ethics, and societal position of Gwen Stefani. She tends to be a well known name with the younger generations and a reliable source. Her biggest asset is her beauty, that is her voice in this ad. Even if someone seeing this ad did not recognize who was in the picture her good looks speaks for her. Regardless of her name the images of her face, hair and makeup are enough to make most women jealous. There is a clear target audience of young woman who feel insecure in their appearance and rely on makeup to conceal those

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