Acuscan Case Study Part 1 and 2 All That You Need !!! Essay

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Part One: Analysis

Kelly Thomas - Senior Engineer, Product Development
4-6 Assumptions
1First and foremost, Kelly assumed that Pat, Director of Marketing, knew nothing about quality control. 2He also assumed that all the features for the retinal scanner could not be developed in the time frame allotted. 3The third assumption made by Kelly was that he assumed AcuScan would not have the staff to develop a new product because of lay-offs the previous year. 4Finally, he assumed Pat did not have the technological experience since his past experience was with the cereal business.

Pat Lambert - Director of Marketing
6-9 Assumptions
Pat is not without fault. 1His assumptions led him to believe that the new product
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He also assumed it would take a little repacking to get the scanner into retail. Finally, Chris assumed it would not take much time to produce new product.

Arguments, Evaluation and Discussion

Evaluations should comprise two to six sentences for each person. Describe 4-6 fallacious arguments, and identify the people who hold them.
Kelly's main argument is that the new product is more complicated to produce than Pat had implied. He also argued that Pat did not understand how the iScanner worked and would have a better understanding if Pat involved him in other areas besides marketing. Kelly's argument is logical since it is based on the time it took the staff to initially develop the iScanner. With knowledge of the company's history of creating a new product, he feels he can offer valuable insight into the development and production of a new product. However, Kelly does not want to jeopardize his reputation, or that of the company, by producing a substandard product.

Pat was emphatic that the scanner should be launched in the retail industry only. He also argued with the CEO saying that Kelly told him it would not be a problem to expand the iScanner line into retail. Another argument Pat has made is that he has bigger problems to solve opposed to answering questions from other staff members.

Pat's decision to launch a new product in a new market was sound and would make

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