Activity Based Management Results in Insurance Company Essay

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Across the insurance industry, management is under pressure to deliver the multiple objectives of Cost Reduction and Profitability. Generally there is a lack of information in the financial and management systems to properly inform and to target opportunities for improved costs. The complex business models, including issues around multi-channel and multi-product are not being supported by the traditional cost accounting. The speed with which the change is happening in today’s business area has taken on a particular force in the insurance industry due to increased competition, intervention of statutory bodies on pricing, and the advent of new technologies and distribution channels.

For the pricing of a policy the actuarial information
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This is the section where the policyholder can request a change of address, nominee, a switch in unit linked policy etc. Some of the requests are only because they are not properly handled at the time of acquisition. These can be grouped as region wise and channel wise, so that with a proper training or incentive it can be reduced. Some of the requests can be handled via internet.

Region – The cost information separated by region gives at least two type of information. The cost of same transaction like ‘sales call’ can be seen across the various regions. We can use the information for internal benchmarking. It also tells about the type of products that are sold, the type of post issuance requests across regions. With this information organization can run internal (for advisors) or external (for customers) campaigns to improve the performance of in the respective regions.

Channel – The insurance companies are using various channels for the selling of the policies. They have their attached advisors (tied agency) as the main channel. They are using the alternate channels of which Bank is most commonly used. The others could be from corporate agents to just sharing database. Once we separate the cost of transactions across the channels we can understand the effectiveness of various channels. The acquisition cost is different across various channels. This acquisition cost including the commission and the rework

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