Activity 1: The Cipd Human Resource Management

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Register to read the introduction… You should include:
 understanding customer needs (include examples of 3 different customers and 1 need for each, and explain how you would prioritise conflicting needs)
1. New Learners
New learners require a solid induction into the company’s aims and objectives, and the ethos within which they will be working. They needs to be equipped with the tools to do their jobs well, and they need to leave training feeling capable and confident to do those jobs. Perhaps most importantly, they want to enjoy the training and need to leave feeling training their new job role and with greater trust in their new company.
2. Existing Learners
Existing learners may be more interested in job progression. They may be seeking new knowledge and information in order to use that in job applications, or to help prime themselves for promotion. Alternatively they may feel very comfortable in their current role (too comfortable?) and need invigorated, encouraged and re-enthused to push their own boundaries and see their role from a fresh perspective.
3. Senior
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| In a presentation you are able to use a range of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic tools to stimulate your audience. They can see your body language and get a feel for the tone. | You can provide a consistent message, and where misunderstanding is taking place you can encourage people to help one another online on post session forums. | Disadvantage | Different people have different email styles, and often this differ dramatically from their in-person personality. In this way, and due to time constraints, messages can be construed in very different ways to the way in which they were intended. | Delivering a presentation takes a degree of technical and personal skill. A badly planned and presented presentation with poor content could cause quite long lasting negative effects. | It can be difficult to get people to access, navigate and use the intranet effectively and to its full purpose.

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