Activities For Active Engagement Of Learning Essay

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Activities for active engagement of learning

According to the constructivist’s theory, in order for meaningful learning to occur, the students need to be making connections to their world (Churchill et al, 2012). Students are interested according to Fisher (2005) in maths that relates to their needs. The lesson plan includes ideas such as lengths of a table, how to use a ruler and a YouTube clip that explains the history of measurement, relating measurement to the real world. Fisher (2005) suggests using strategies to guess, test and review. Students are encouraged to guess the length of the cards then test their answers. Reviewing and reflecting on what has been learnt is an important part of the learning process (Churchill et al, 2012). This has been done through questioning of the learning. The YouTube clip will help to deepen the students understanding of the need to use a standard measure. Fisher (2005) suggests that to encourage student engagement inclusion of realistic or imaginative stories can occur. This has been done by beginning the lesson series with a story of the king wanting a table made. To further activate students’ interest this story is acted out and narrated with enthusiasm.

Students should be given the opportunity to talk through ideas (Fisher, 2012). This lesson plan gives opportunities to talk with their fellow students as well as through teacher questioning. Frangenheim (2012) states that it is important to give students…

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