Student Activism By Robert A. Rhoads

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Student activism, diversity, and the struggle for a just society. The author of the article, Robert A. Rhoads (2016), incorporates many of his researches on student activism, specifically that of gay and lesbian students, in this article to prove his credibility. The article is divided into three sections: the sixties, post-sixties, and contemporary context, all of which focus on student activism in different time periods. The sixties, known for the civil rights moments, saw a huge support from college youths who rallied and protested to fight for equal rights of African-Americans. The famous sit-ins were sparked by four African-American college students that spread nationwide and gained momentum through other means such as kiss-ins stand-ins in theaters. The fight for equality didn’t stop with a particular ethnic group, students went on to fight for rights of …show more content…
In the late 1960s a lot of student protests were carried out in support of anti-war and equality for all members in the society. The author, Jessie Kindig (2008), points out that “[m]any of the protest movements on campus did not see antiwar work as separate from other civil rights or social justice concerns…” to add emphasis to the fact that students rallied in support for the right cause. The Students for a Democratic Society party was formed by college students to lead protests across many colleges in an organized way. The SDS section at University of Washington had a strong base and rallied fiercely for anti-war and equal rights issues of that time. When the news arrived that the Vietnam War had been expanded to Cambodia, the students at University of Washington went on a strike on May 4th, 1970 and lasted for around two weeks (Kindig,

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