Active Euthanasia, Legal Murder Essay

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Active Euthanasia, Legal Murder
Recently, the question on whether the state of California should legalize euthanasia, intentionally ending a life to prevent pain and suffering, arises. On October 5, 2015, governor Jerry Brown of California put an end to that question by signing into law the End of Life Option Act. The law allows “terminally ill people to be prescribed the drugs that will end their life” (All things considered). It is written: “provide that nothing in its provisions is to be construed to authorize ending a patient’s life by lethal injection, mercy killing, or active euthanasia”. Even though the law did not legalize active euthanasia, which is defined as “taking measures that directly cause a patient 's death” (Gorman), it didn’t outlaw it. This means the door to legalizing euthanasia is still opened. Active euthanasia is also defined as: “assisting a terminally ill patient 's death through, say, a painless injection” (Mint). This allows physicians to inject a lethal dose that will end their patient’s life, and such action has crossed the line. Legalizing active euthanasia will result in unforeseen consequences and backlashes. Therefore, even though the question on whether euthanasia in general should be legalized or not is debatable, the researcher believes active euthanasia is a crime and should be deemed as illegal.
The classification between active euthanasia and passive euthanasia might be challenged since there is a grey zone in between passive and…

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