Actions And Objectives In Medea

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Actions and Objectives as Seen in Medea – Ana Mulino I truly enjoyed watching the performance of Medea, directed by Dorian Lang. Most, if not all actions and objectives portrayed by the actors, specially Nadien Chu who played Medea herself, were crystal clear from an audience’s perspective. As Medea goes through her super objective of accomplishing revenge against her husband, the way she acts towards the other characters are essential to her success or failure.
A key factor in Medea’s journey through the play is seen through her relationship to the other women that are on stage with her, the nurse (played by Amena Shebab) and the chorus (played by Maggie Salopek and Katelyn Trieu). The relationships between the chorus and Medea begin as one
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Since both men have great authority yet have different relationships with Medea, she has to use different actions to achieve similar objectives which is to be granted some form of protection from each man. Before the scene between Creon and Medea begins, the audience should have realized how little power and how many stakes there were between the two, as Creon is the King who had made the decision to exile Medea and her children and is the father of Jason’s new wife. Medea in that case proceeds to beg him for the extra day that she needs, by degrading herself and asking him to mainly consider her children. After Creon leaves it is discovered that Medea’s actions were just an act and she lied to him, but was able to get what she wanted. Aegeus, on the other hand, is also a king with great power, but considers Medea a friend, therefore while to some degree she is still begging, she coerces then forces Aegeus to swear to protection with the nurse and chorus as witness to his word. Getting through to these two men was essential for Medea to have her revenge on Jason, and it showed through the acting what stakes were in place for each scene for Medea complete her task as there was no room for failure for these …show more content…
She antagonizes his neglect for the children to feel bad enough to take them with him. The finale comes after she kills her children, Jason goes to demonize her, but as Medea is equally as distraught for the death of her children, she reflects Jason. She reflects the demonization to replace the blame on him, and establish how everything she had done could have been avoided if Jason had never left her in the first place, making this a very emotional scene.
While Medea was successful in completing all of her objectives, the way Chu played her showed the stakes that she had in each scene with every character because there was such a large margin of error that Medea had to get through so she had to be incredibly careful with each of her actions. Part of what made that performance so enjoyable was the specificity of her actions, making me support Medea even though she caused a tragedy to occur for so many people around

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