Action vs Traditional Research Essay

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Action vs. Traditional Research
Marissa Burchette
July 2, 2013
Sherri Gelbard

Action vs. Traditional Research
The purpose of this paper is to define action and traditional research and describe uses for each. The author will also compare and contrast the differences between action and traditional research. Examples of how action research is used in the classroom or work environment will be discussed.
According to (n.d.), action research is inquiry in the context of focused efforts to improve the quality of an organization and its performance. The results are evaluated to help improve the current situations or practice. The research is conducted either by individuals or in teams often called as collaborative
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Action research is not only used by instructors, it is also used by administrators and school personnel to help improve their relationship and work with school children. Through this method, these school personnel are able to process their findings and share the results with their associates. With full support from all those involved, action research becomes the guide behind professional development, through which school personnel can help improve their knowledge in their own work environment.
According to Action Research (2012), traditional research draw conclusions and is focused on advancing knowledge in the field, the insights may be generalized to other settings. Traditional research can be divided into both quantitative and qualitative research.
According to Hendricks, (2009), the use of quantitative research is to test hypotheses and to generalize results of hypotheses tests beyond the individuals and settings that were part of the research study. In this type of research, the samples are chosen at random, which helps with simplifying the results from where the results were chosen from.
According to Hendricks, (2009), the general purpose of qualitative research is to understand and interpret phenomena as they occur in natural settings. Researchers spends most of their time in the field researching and observing and analyzing

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