Action Research: Behavior Modification Essay

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I. Introduction

For schools, creating an appropriate learning environment is critical. Oftentimes, maintaining discipline among the learners is a hard task for a teacher. In my Reading and Phonics class in Grade 5 at St. James College of Quezon City, I encountered one pupil by the name of __________ who misbehaves most of the time. I had observed him that he was not listening attentively in our lesson. When I asked him a question, he cannot answer and asked me to repeat the question. He is even playing while having our discussion in class. I asked the adviser if this kind of behavior is also evident in her class and the adviser affirmatively confirmed to what I had noticed.
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Before starting my lesson, I reminded my Grade 5 pupils that their behavior in my class is a factor in their grades. And whatever performances they made is rated. I told them that they are the ones making their grades and I am the only one who computes it. 2. During our RP class, I gave praises to those who actively participate in the discussion and in group activities. 3. I encouraged them to speak in English in my RP class and gave credit to those pupils who abide in this rule. 4. I asked the pupils if there are some clarifications about our lesson.

VI. Results of the Action

When the plans I had set were manifested in my actions these were the results: 1. ________________ started to listen to our lesson and participated in the discussion by reciting. 2. He does his homework and enthusiastically tackled his seat work. 3. He spoke English in my RP class. 4. He clarified some things he cannot understand in our lesson by asking questions.

VII. Conclusion

From the result of the action research I made, I conclude that 1. Providing a set of reminders to pupils enlightens the pupils on how they should perform in the class. 2. Giving praises and rewards to learners’ performances motivate them to study more. 3. Encouraging them to speak in English is a good training for them to be good speakers. 4. Asking them for clarifications allows them to have a better understanding of

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