Essay on Action Plan For Improving Employee Enrichment

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5. What changes will you propose to approach the problems?
I would make big changes to the PV system. To start, I would make the PV team size 3 people, with each team responsible for cleaning 12 rooms and each team would have 1 team leader. The same team that has the first floor will also clean the top floor (still totaling 12 rooms). The number of required employees would be based on occupancy. Given the current trend we would staff 75% occupancy in Jan-April, Full occupancy in May-June, and August-November and half occupancy in July and December. (Given full occupancy, that would mean 30 team leads. Given 75% occupancy, there would be 22 team leads. Given half occupancy there would be 16 team leads.)
To approach this problem, I would start by improving employee enrichment by adding higher levels of responsibilities. I would expand the position of “team captain” to team lead, which would be paid $1.10 more an hour to ensure the quality of each floor’s rooms. These team leads would also be able to communicate both the demands of the employees to management, and vice versa. This extra level of hierarchy goes against our original philosophy but the end result will justify adding an extra level of management. In addition, it gives the employees an extra level of motivation, as they are now able to elevate into a higher position of seniority.
I would do away with the floater position and hire number of employees required based on projected occupancy. This will need…

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