Acting vs Lying Comparative Essay

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Compare/contrast essay Acting and lying are very different, but, by many people, can be confused. The most common words that confuse acting to lying is the phrase, “just kidding.” Kidding or joking is often a form of acting, but can be turned to lying very easily. For example, when you say a true thought and then say that you didn’t’ t mean it, you are saying that two different things are true, which is lying. Acting on a stage is not often portrayed as lying, but acting in your everyday life is or can be called lying. As you can see acting and lying are very similar, but there are many more differences than one would think. Lying is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement. When you lie, it is usually used to …show more content…
Acting is contemplated with the all-famous saying “just kidding.” Kidding or joking to a certain extent is or can be a form of acting. Though, acting in your everyday life can be unhealthy because your are looking at the world through the eyes of a lie. Looking through the eyes of a lie is when you look at the world as if you are seeing something different inside than what is happening on the outside. Acting and Lying are very similar due to the fact that acting is a form of lying. Acting on a daily basis is a form of white lies due to the fact that you are imagining the world differently. When you act daily, you are eventually lying to yourself, because you are seeing the world as something different and believing what you see. Acting and Lying are way more similar than a naked eye might see to. Acting and Lying are very different in ways that some people might not understand. Acting is when you know that you are lying, but sometimes when you lie you may never know you are doing so. When you lie, most of the time, you are aware of when you are doing so, but when you are acting you sometimes just pursue life as a joke. Kidding is what makes acting and lying so similar, but when you look beyond the lines of kidding you will find a whole other world of differences. This concludes why acting and lying are both similar but yet different. There is always a little truth behind every “just kidding,” a little knowledge behind every “I don’t know,” and a

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