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Every parent will at some point deal with "too many" tantrums, defiance, talking back, lashing out etc, the list goes on. At what point does it stop being "normal"? When is it too much? Children acting out, often leads to many feelings of loneliness, anger, guilt and despair. It doesn 't need to feel that way. Many parents will hold these feelings in and hide it from other friends and family members and so thankfully there are people like the lovely Julie Romanowski of Miss Behaviour - Parenting Coach and Consultant Services.

For several months, we were faced with multiple tantrums, aggression, lying, not following the rules, a very strong desire to battle for power and the list goes on. Sometimes we 'd have a really good week and we
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I had a friend, I had someone who understood me, I had someone that I could say," I don 't like my child today!" and she didn 't judge, she didn 't think less of me, and she didn 't laugh at me. She encouraged me to let it out, and move on. She was that person standing behind you completely prepared to catch you if you fall. Again, I must repeat, at this point I still haven 't met her in person!

We than arranged a time for her to come into our home and meet Ava and observe the dynamics and help where she could... internally I counted down the days until she was coming. I felt great, excited, renewed and ready to approach this with determination and positive ideas for success.
Julie arrived at our home and jumped right into it with Ava, it was clear very quickly that Ava trusted her and was enjoying her being in our home. We all talked, and Julie had Ava participate in a few visual activities, which seemed to have a really positive effect on Ava. We discussed routines and creating visuals for her to see what the "rules" or expectations are for her and having her with with us to create the tools for her specifically. The one that stands out the most to Ava and still does to this day is the placement for the kitchen table which has your plate and utensils, images for expectations like not talking with food in your mouth,

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