Acting on Emotion Essays

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Acting on Emotions Sophocles designs his plays to instruct his audience members to behave morally correct. People’s actions are ruled by their emotions (jealousy, suspicion, anger, pride, and love) and it leads to negative effects for them. But when acting in a sage demeanor, it gives evidence to a person’s character. Sophocles writes his characters to be ruled by their emotions and to teach people to behave in a prudent demeanor. Sophocles designs his plays to have the people of authority act in an immorally correct fashion.
For example, Oedipus is one of Sophocles’ characters that allowed his actions to be ruled by his emotions when he was traveling along the road. Laius’ group passed and the leader and the master ordered him out of
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(Page 30-33)
Teiresias tells Oedipus that he knows the truth of Laius’ killer, but he wishes he didn’t. Oedipus gets angry because Teiresias is speaking in riddles and then starts insulting Teiresias. Because of his anger, Oedipus furiously accuses Teiresias of murdering Laius. Teiresias then, tells all of Thebes that Oedipus is Laius’ killer. Oedipus is blinded by his fury and then accuses Creon of plotting against him because he is fearful and jealous that they might begin to take hold of his glory. Oedipus confronts Creon and wants Creon killed, but both Creon and the Chorus try to make Oedipus to think rationally. Although people try to persuade him, Oedipus is in resolute of his irrational conclusion. In doing this, Oedipus turns his most trusted and honest friend against him. (Pages 36-44)
Creon is another character who doesn’t act in a morally correct manner. At first he shows wisdom in Oedipus the King and says that he would never plot against Oedipus. He said that he doesn’t want the power but when he became king in Oedipus in Colonus, Creon grew to love it. Creon arrives to Athens expecting that he can take Oedipus back to Thebes and he talks down to Oedipus. Creon thinks that he is greater than Oedipus is and he will get his way no matter what. Creon took Oedipus’ daughter away from him and that is an act of his pride. He even threatened Theseus, saying that he will have his

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