Act Utilitarianism: Virtue Ethics, Social Contract Theory, And Kantianism

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Act Utilitarianism differs from Virtue Ethics, Social Contract Theory, and Kantianism because it is the only workable ethical theory that determines if an action is right or wrong based on the consequences that result from that action. Act Utilitarianism relies on the Principle of Utility otherwise known as the Greatest Happiness Principle and it states that an action is right or wrong to the extent that it increases or decreases the total happiness of the affected parties. In this case, the affected parties are TJX, the millions of people whose credit card information was stolen, and credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard.
Translating the effects of the breach into the same units, such as dollars, can help determine whether the
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Every customer whose card information was stolen is negatively impacted because not only was their credit card information was stolen, but other personal information was stolen such as personal names, physical addresses, and driver licenses numbers. In Visa’s investigation of the TJX breach, they discovered that about “94 million cards were stolen”(Shaw) which means that the extent (e.i. the number of affected people) of the government allowing Gonzales to work for them are the millions of people that had their private information stolen from them as a result of this …show more content…
What are the benefits of Gonzalez working for the government? When Gonzalez worked for them, he helped them successfully shut down Shadowcrew, a group he was originally a part of before he starting working for the government, which is an organization of cyber criminals responsible for stealing about 1.5 million credit card numbers and cost credit card companies and financial institutions at least 4 million dollars (Peretti). But while Gonzalez was working for the Federal Government, he lead the TJX breach and cost the company 40.9 million in a settlement with Visa, 24 million dollars in a settlement with MasterCard, and over 200 million dollars in consumer settlements for a total of at least 264.9 million dollars in settlements. TJX also had to pay 9.75 million for a new security system bringing their total cost as a result of this breach to about 274.65 million dollars. In this case, the harms of the government hiring Gonzalez outweigh the benefits. Therefore, according to Rule Utilitarianism, it was wrong for the government to hire

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