Act Three Of William Shakespeare 's ' The Crucible ' Essay examples

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Act Three:
Act Three opens in the courtroom as Giles bursts in, claiming to have evidence that all of this has been a farce. Deputy Governor Danforth, Judge Hathorne, Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris, joined Giles and Francis in an outer room to get to the bottom of the matter. At this point John Proctor enters, dragging with him a reluctant and terrified Mary Warren. Despite her obvious fear, Mary testifies to the Judge that the trails are a sham. The girls were all faking and only pretending to have been afflicted by witchcraft. A shocked Danforth questions Procter as to whether he has told the town these stories and as to his desire to overthrow the court. Proctor denies this but Danforthe continues to press him, asking about his religious view and questions why he does not often attend church.

At this point Danforth informs John that his wife is not in danger at the moment. She is pregnant and her life will therefore be spared for a year. Danforth asks John whether he will now drop his condemnation of the court, to which Proctor replies that he cannot. Giles then accuses Thomas Putnam of lying to the court to get more land. The Judge asks him how he came by the information, Giles refuses to give us the name of his information, fearing for their involvement and is thus arrested in contempt of the court.

Abigail and her troop of girls are at this point led into the room to answer Mary Warren’s accusation that they are faking. All the girls hold to their lie however,…

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