Essay about Act 2 Scene 1 Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth

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Creditability The mind can react differently to the same prompt due to the structure which it was formed from. Psychologists say there are ways to trick the mind into seeing or feeling a certain way. Consequently, how people perceive an act changes depending how it was performed. Whereas Shakespeare 's plays brought about an emotional appeal to the readers. Granted, in society today it has become more complex yet easier to make an act retrieve an emotional response from watchers or readers. Furthermore, Williamson and Stewart both perform the same scene from Act 2 Scene 1 of William Shakespeare 's play Macbeth; yet their setting, sound effect, tone, facial expressions and appearance differ. Admittedly, scenery sets the tone for any movie, play, book etc. Likewise, when comparing Williamson and Stewarts performance both were in an isolated environment. This aids the effect of the scene by enhancing the aura of aloneness; thus, bringing the viewer into the scene making it seem as if they are being spoken to directly. However, the isolated rooms in both scenes are the only thing both settings share. Stewarts performance may appeal to modern viewers since it resembles our society today closer. Granted, that most viewers of Stewarts reenactment are less likely to fully understand Shakespeare 's style of writing. Nevertheless, in Stewarts performance, it is apparent that there is electricity due to the light switch in the background; in addition, the metal bars appear to be an…

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