Acscan Case Study Assignment

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Register to read the introduction… Explain arguments made by each of these people

Cliff O’Conner

➢ Believes that a new product needs to be produced in order to bring sales back to top numbers.

➢ Believes that with some new features added to the iScanner, that the company will be able to bring their numbers back up to the highest for the year because of the previous success rate of the original product

Pat Lambert

➢ Believes that outsourcing may be helpful in producing the product and getting in completed by the due date.

➢ Believes that they must expand their new product into new markets and that there is a strong need for this product in a retail setting

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The economy is not doing so well in turn the company is not going to do so well either. Producing a new and innovative item to sell to the market, the business can further their revenues. ➢ There is not enough time to produce the finished product by August. There is not enough man power to assist with the production of the new item. ➢ The Management team has tried to come up with solutions to the problems of getting a new product out to the market but the team can’t seem to get along and compromise to ensure that this product gets to the consumers.
3. What is the underlying problem that is the base cause of the conflict with AcuScan? ➢ The underlying problem that is the base cause of the conflict with AcuScan is the lack of respect for each individual’s ideas. The management team can not get a long and keep undermining each other’s work so nothing is getting done.
4. What alternative solution would propose for this solution? ➢ For all members of the team to meet in person and all together to pan out any issues or barriers that they may come across when dealing with the production of new product. ➢ Brain storm ideas and come up with a game plan to meet all necessary

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