Acrylic Vs. Gel Nails Essay

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Acrylic Vs. Gel Nails

Nowadays women have a lot of options when they go to the nail salon to get their nails done. If you 're considering false nail application, you may be asked whether you want gel or acrylic nails applied. Before you make your decision, you need to know a few things to make the proper decision for your liking. There are many differences between acrylic nail and gel nails both are great but you must take a lot of things into consideration before making this decision as you will have them for a while.

First of all is Acrylic nails have been a staple in the beauty industry for years they have been around for longer than any other type of false nails, and this staying power has contributed to their ongoing popularity. Donne Geer, co-founder of Hey! Nice Nails explains the application process this way, "Acrylics are applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. Acrylics only harden when exposed to air." When the acrylic hardens, it provides a perfect canvas for applying nail color making it seem as if they are your natural nails. It is a simple process that is very easy to decorate and adorn with nail polish, gems, Swarovski crystals and the possibilities are really endless on what you can add on to them for your liking. A lot of people now have started to do color tips, pointy tips, coffin style, or almond tip also. There are many cons also to applying and having acrylic styled nails first of…

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