Acromegaly - Paper

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I. Introduction The human body contains various structures and organs that allow regulations and maintenance of homeostasis. Foundation is built through the framework of the skeletal system, motion is possible due to the muscular system humans have and other body systems that allow humans to perform daily actions. All of this anatomical structures are possible due to the two main controlling system found in the body; the nervous system and endocrine system. The nervous system can be considered as information processor of the human body, but for it to be more effective in transferring and processing information; it works in tandem with the endocrine system. The purpose of the endocrine system is to act in response to the information the …show more content…
Worldwide, acromegaly is equally distributed, however, the number of cases left untreated is often found in many developing countries. With the inability to pay for treatments and therapy and the lack of professional skill, most cases of acromegaly in developing countries are not cured. Fatality of the Disorder The increase of size and mass of bones, muscles and many tissues in the body as a result of acromegaly tends to disrupt the normal functions of many organs. For instance, the enlargement of the bones can overgrow faster than tissues and structures around it. In some cases, it can cause cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease due to the enlargement of bones and muscles that inhibits both cardiovascular and respiratory system to function normally. Bones can also get brittle and fragile and even result in more chronic disease such as osteoporosis. Treatment of the Disorder There are numerous treatments on the condition of acromegaly. Certain therapies and treatments worldwide are known to be effective. Out of a hundred patients with acromegaly, 60 of those patients can be cured through surgery (Stewart, 2000). In particular, the reductions of growth hormone levels are the most effective treatment known today for cases of acromegaly. If things comes to worse, the removal of a tumor in the anterior pituitary is the most practical thing to do to take out excessive amount of growth hormone. However, treatment of acromegaly cannot change back

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