Acquisition Management At The US Government Accountability Office Case Study

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Assignment 1 – Acquisition Management at the U.S. Government Accountability Office

Arte R. Ledyard

Professor Christopher Lodge

Business 230 – Purchasing & Materials Management

July 25, 2012
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Deja Craddock, a Contract Specialist and Policy Analyst with in GAO’s Acquisition Management office, serves critical roles in both of AM’s Procurement Operations and Policy branches. As a Contract Specialist, Ms. Craddock works with internal clients and outside vendors in developing requirements, preparing statements of work, preparing solicitations, and briefing GAO’s Contract Selection Panel. Once the selection is made, she plays an integral role in writing and implementing the contract. As a Policy Analyst, Ms. Craddock maintains overall responsibility for the agency’s COTR training program and also incorporates changes/updates to the FAR in internal SOPs (Craddock, …show more content…
Craddock’s job comes when an internal client is uncertain what he/she wants, which makes developing requirements very difficult. Additional challenges come in to play when a contract serves the agency as a whole because there are many individuals that want to be heard during requirements gathering and during the selection process. This exact situation presented itself when GAO selected its travel system four years ago, GovTrip. Ms. Craddock said this was the most difficult contract she has worked with at GAO, though it was not without recognition. Ms. Craddock received a GAO Honor Award for her work on this contract, the highest award a GAO employee can receive (Craddock, D.).

Though the job is very challenging, Ms. Cradock seems to really enjoy her job. She says the favorite parts of her job are assisting clients developing requirements and teaching new COTRs. On the flip side, the part of her job she likes the least is working with internal clients who are either unsure of what they need or do not want to spend the time with her in developing the requirements for the contract (Craddock, D.).

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