Essay on Acquiring Management Skills

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How are management skills acquired?

Management skills can be sub-divided into numerous skills, the combination of which would lead to efficient management of an organization and faithful development of true management and leadership skills. The chart below provides an overview of these various skills:

source: Developing Management Skills 8th ed. - D. Whetten, K. Cameron (pearson publications). A brief summary of these various skills are mentioned below:

“He that would govern others must first master himself”. Personal skills form one of the bases of great management skills. It can be subdivided into the following categories: A. Developing Self-awareness: This lies at the heart of the ability to
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Maslow states that the best way to motivate yourself, is by motivating others. Hence interpersonal skills, and gaining the support of your co-workers is a very important aspect of developing management skills A. building relationships by communicating supportively: * focus on accuracy: the intention of message delivered must be completely clear, and with no iteration from the basic intent. * Coaching and counseling problems: listen to people’s problems, counsel them, and give them feedbacks in a positive manner * Problem oriented, not person oriented: believe in “this is the problem”, not “YOU are the problem” * Listen more: supportive communication is not just about giving your own perspective; rather, listen to other perspectives from the listener. B. Gaining power and influence: * Personal power: the graph below determines well as to how much personal power a leader must possess:

Source: Developing Management Skills 8th ed. - D. Whetten, K. Cameron (pearson publications) * Gain organizational power:
Centrality: Access to information in a communication network.
Flexibility: Freedom to exercise one’s judgment.
Visibility: “The key formula for promotion is excellent performance multiplied by

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