Essay about Acquainted With The Night By Robert Frost

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“Acquainted with the Night” begins with a determined and solemn speaker who explores a city alone in the night, a favorable pastime for anyone seeking seclusion. Despite their desire for solitude, the speaker feels a spark of excitement when interaction with others seems possible, as evidenced in the poem’s form. However, our poet, Robert Frost, displays an uncanny knack for misleading his readers, and unless we meticulously pick his poem apart, we will overlook key aspects of the speaker 's character. Case in point: “Acquainted with the Night” initially appears to be about a lonely individual 's desire for human companionship, when in actuality, the speaker does not even realize that human companionship is what they desire the least.
To begin, our poem concentrates on an individual who is both complicated, and consumed with thoughts of themselves. A close reading makes the conceitedness of our speaker very clear, as every sentence is an isolated thought of our speaker, and every sentence, every thought, begins with "I have." I suppose occasionally contemplating deeply on yourself is quite reasonable when forced to rely on your own devices. However, it seems that our speaker 's excursions through the city are not occasional affairs; in fact, they actually seek the solitude of the empty streets. Indeed, our speaker even fearlessly ventures into the night regardless of the weather. Observe, for example, the dwellings of our speaker:
I have walked out in rain - and back in…

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