Acid Rain Paper

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Acid Rain Paper

Acid Rain is classified as rain with a pH lower than 5.7. The pH of normal rainfall is around 5.6; the acidity in this is natural and due to the CO2 and carbonic acid that is present in the atmosphere. Acid rain contains higher amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids compared to normal rainfall. There are many factors of pollution that lead to acid rain. There are natural pollutants in acid rain including emissions from volcanic and decaying vegetation, but the majority of the pollutants are man-made. Emissions from sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NO) are the main causes of acid rain; both of these are a result of electric power generation and fossil fuel combustion. Burning coal, driving vehicles, CFCs, HAPs,
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As more and more lawsuits are winning in favor of improving the environment it is becoming clear that the nation and the world is realizing what a harmful effect acid rain has. In 2007 renewable energy sources supplied about 7% of the world’s energy consumption. A quote by a reporter in “Zogby International” states.
"The House of Representatives recently passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which would require electric power companies to generate 20 percent of their power from clean, renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, by the year 2020. Also included is a global warming plan which would reduce greenhouse gases from sources like power plants and factories by 17 percent, and an energy efficiency plan which includes new appliance standards and building codes to conserve energy."
As this quote states, by the year 2020, 20% of the power generated by electric power companies would have to come from clean, renewable energy sources. This policy will increase the use of renewable energy sources by almost 13%, which is plausible, but large amounts of resources; economic and natural will be needed in order to make this a reality. If this policy becomes a reality there is going to be a shift in jobs and government to the natural resource sector. If the government can do their job well they should be attempting to change societies image of energy sources from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources. As acid rain

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