Acid Rain, Its Effects On The World And Environment

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Colorado gets about 15.9 inches of rainfall per year. Rain used to be one of the best things that could happen in this state, but as humans pollute our world more and more, rain is becoming harmful. Our precious rainfall is becoming more and more acidic, which is causing harm to plants, wildlife, buildings, and humans. This acidic rain is commonly referred to as acid rain and more properly known as acid deposition. This research will thoroughly examine acid rain, it’s causes, the effects on the environment, and some possible solutions to slow the damage. Acid rain is simply rain that is acidic. This rain comes in many forms that include some dry and wet deposition. The smog that you see above cities is actually a dry form of acid rain. Pure …show more content…
These effects do not directly affect humans. The aftermath of acid rain impairs humans indirectly. Acid rain touching your skin does not burn or harm you. You can swim in an acid lake. Instead, we are harmed by the gases that cause this rain. The Acid Rain Program was instituted to help control the emission of these gases. Acid rain has a prominent effect on the environment that we live in. Acid rain harms both plants and animals. Acid rain does not instantly kill plants, but will kill the leaves on the plant. Leaves a an integral part of photosynthesis in a plant system, so when the efficiency and capability of the plant to give itself nutrients is sabotaged, the plant dies. Acid rain can be a non-factor to some plants. Some soil has the ability to neutralize the acidity in rain. This ability is called buffering capacity. Plants placed in soil with high buffering capacities can avoid the harms of acid rain. Acid rain also affects our bodies of water. The rainfall gets into rivers, lakes, and streams and if there is enough can disturb the pH of the body of water. This disturbance harms all organisms living inside of the body of water. It can harm the algae, the fish, the microorganisms, any living thing inside. When animals water sources are contaminated, it has a harsh effect on the animal that consumes it. Animals stomachs aren’t made to digest acidic water. This can also have an adverse affect on humans. When we consume an an animal with a disturbed pH, it can harm humans. For example, when a fish lives in a highly acidic body of water, a human can be harmed by consuming that fish. Acid rain also has detrimental consequences on buildings and structures. The acidic particles cause corrosion of bronze, and the deterioration of paint and stone. The effects of this acidic rain can severely lower the value of statues, monuments, bridges, and buildings. Not only can rain affect buildings, but the dry

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