Essay about Acid Rain And Its Ecological Consequences

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Madhoolika Agrawal and Anita Singh from Banaras Hindu University’s Ecology Research Laboratory are the authors of Acid Rain and its Ecological Consequences, a review addressing the issue of acid rain precipitation. The article hypothesizes, “Acid rain is one of the most serious environmental problems emerged due to air pollution” (Agrawal & Singh, 2008). It was assumed that humans have harnessed and utilized different natural resources for their individual benefits from the onset of civilization to the present day. In turn, acid rain has become a major environmental problem due to harmful human activity. This has ultimately led to many negative effects that the output of acid rain generates. Primary data collection was not used in the composition of the review. Information from previous studies were used. The entirety of the data collection in the article was taken from various reports conducted previously by external researchers. The data published were in the formats of charts, tables and statistics. Agrawal and Singh analyzed the data presented through the techniques of comparing the pH values of acid rain in different areas of the world and reaching theories as to why a certain country may have a particular pH value. It can be noted that the range of data collected was from countries including Japan, India and the United States. The data for the countries were set side by side which allows readers to compare and contrast the different figures from different areas of…

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