Essay on Acid Base Of The Body

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Acid-Base Case study 1
The acid base balance of the body is mainly regulated by respiratory and renal system together with the body ‘buffer system. For the body to function normally, the hydrogen ion (H+) needs to be concentrated within a narrow range, represented as pH, which determines the acidity and alkalinity of a solution. Changes in the bicarbonate (HCO3) concentration causes metabolic acidosis or metabolic alkalosis while changes in the rate of alveolar ventilation and carbon dioxide concentration decides respiratory alkalosis or respiratory acidosis. Normally arterial blood gas analysis are used to assess the acid-base balance.
Upon systematic reviewing of the given case study it is noted that the PaO2 and PaCO2 are within normal limits, indicates that patient is not hypoxemic, still need to continue monitoring of oxygen saturation. The increased pH level of 7.5 indicates alkalosis. The next step is to evaluate PaCO2.Since lung regulates this, its level determine respiratory acidosis or alkalosis. In the given results PaCO2 is within normal range represents no respiratory alkalosis or acidosis. The HCO3 is the metabolic component decides metabolic acidosis or alkalosis. In the given case study HCO3 result is high as 32meq/liter, it is above the normal range of 22-26 meq/liter .The increase in HCO3 level in blood take hydrogen ion out of circulation leads to alkalosis. So in the given case study, the origin of the acid base imbalance is the metabolic component since…

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