Acid-Base Imbalance Essay

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Acid-Base Imbalance
Janet J Memoli
Grand Canyon University NUR 641E
September 30, 2015

Acid- Base Imbalance One of the basic concepts that new nurses need to learn is that homeostasis in the body is maintained by the acid base balance in the body. That concept is critical when looking at arterial blood gases. This can help guide the nurse to anticipate what the doctor will order and the education that she needs to give the patient and the family. This case study should help to illustrate the point.
Case Study The case study that was given to us is a 22 year old woman who reports being “sick with the flu” She has been vomiting and having difficulty keeping food and drink down. In addition she has been taking
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First of all, she should know that antacids do not control nausea and how much of them to take. She should have gone to a doctor sooner because vomiting should not go on for 8 days. I would also explore other reasons for the vomiting other than the flu including the fact that she may be intentionally vomiting. Education would then be on whether or not another disease process was involved.
Compensated Vs. Partially Compensated In this case study that was presented you have an uncompensated case of metabolic alkalosis. The reason you can tell this is that the carbon dioxide level is normal. If it was partially compensated you would see the carbon dioxide level go up because the respiratory system is trying to make the pH go down. However if the pH remains the same then the respiratory system has tried but cannot compensate. If the pH was normal then you would call it fully compensated or just compensated because the respiratory system has done the job to bring the body back to homeostasis (Pruit, W. and Jacobs, M.,2004)
This is a very common scenario that could present itself on any floor in the hospital but especially the emergency room. Teaching new nurses how to read arterial blood gases and even when to ask the doctor for the order is one of the skills critical for the new nurse to learn. Many nurses feel it is an overwhelming task but as long as the basics are

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