Achilles : The Greatest Hero Essay

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These were some of the mightiest heroes in all literature. Tales of these men have lived for thousands of years and will continue on for many more. However, the question remains who is the better hero. Besides fighting aspects, because there are many traits that determine if they are truly heroes.

Achilles was the mightiest of all the Greek warriors and had a huge impact on the battlefield. Achilles was a killing machine, slaughtering Trojans with ease. Achilles was so feared on the battlefield, enemies would cower before him. If one fought achilles, you would have two choices. Either try to die in most honorable way possible or beg to be taken prisoner. Achilles was not known to take prisoners or show any kind of mercy. Achilles had all the best weaponry and armor given from the Gods . Achilles was dipped in the river Styx by Thetis making Achilles close to invincible.

Achilles was not perfect, Achilles had flaws just like the average soldier. Achilles only fought when it suited Achilles. The Greek king Agamemnon took Achilles prized Trojan woman. Achilles cursed out Agamemnon and wished a curse on the Greek troops. Then Achilles decided not to fight anymore, causing the Trojans to gain ground on the Greeks. Later on in the war, The Trojans have almost defeated the Greeks. Greek Herald 's come and plead to Achilles to join the fight and they other Achilles many gifts. Achilles denies these gifts and will not fight until the Greek…

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