Essay about Achilles : The Achaean Champion

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Character List
Achilles- The Achaean champion, Achilles is the main character of the Iliad because of his pride and anger that fueled this battle in the Trojan War.
Agamemnon- The leader of the Achaeans, Agamemnon is the prideful and arrogant king that can lead his troops toward victory.
Ajax- Known for being a brave fighter, he duels Hector when no one else would.
Apollo- God of music, truth, prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, etc. Apollo rooted for the Trojans.
Athena- Goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, she rooted for the Achaeans.
Diomedes-A brave and strong fighter, his skill on the battlefield captured even the gods attention.
Hector- The Trojans champion, he is considered a hero, but he flees from the battle in fear multiple times.
Helen- The beautiful woman that fueled the Trojan war by running off with the Trojan prince, Paris; she was the wife of Menelaus.
Hera- The wife of Zeus and queen of the Olympians, Hera roots for the Achaeans.
Menelaus-The original husband of Helen, he is a brave fighter.
Nestor- Old and wise, he is one of the best public speakers for the Achaeans.
Odysseus- He is also one of the Achaeans’ best public speakers.
Paris- The attractive Paris, the seducer of Helen. He is Helen’s second husband, and duels Menelaus over her.
Patroclus- A friend of Achilles, he dons Achilles’ armor and fights in the battle but is killed by Hector.
Priam- The king of the city of Troy, he is Hector’s father
Thetis-A sea-nymph, she is the…

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