Essay about Achilles Is The True Hero

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In the Iliad, we see two great men, Achilles and Hector. The reader is introduced to their stories, and the greater story that their lives are a part of. This book is dedicated to the clashes between the Trojans and the Achaeans, and all the details behind the big picture. It has been nine years since the Trojan War, and a new fight has begun over a woman, once again. Emotions are flying high, and two proposed heroes arise. Through the development of the characters, the reader sees that although Achilles may have saved many lives and been the final victor, it is
Hector who is the true hero of the story.
One objection to this thesis could be that because Achilles is the better fighter, and thus abler to defend his country, he is the true hero. Achilles is more qualified than Hector to begin with, and then his accomplishments in battle prove his worthiness even more so. Achilles was brave enough to fight Hector even though he was well aware that his fate rested on the fate of
Hector. Achilles dragging Hector around the walls of Troy is barbaric, but it also shows a sign of power that the Greeks take pride in.
In response to this objection, Achilles’ motivation for being a good fighter is nothing more than his own selfishness. He is not fighting to defend his country so much as to promote
List !2 his own name. Achilles wants to go down in history as a hero; this is not what is at the heart of a true hero. His character flaws are the downfall of his nation. Achilles’ pride is…

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