Achilles Is Most Known For Fighting Essay example

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Famous Tales: Achilles is most known for fighting in the Trojan War but how and why did the war start? The war’s origins actually began at the wedding of Achilles mother and father. This was the defining event that set the stage for the Trojan War, it is known as the Judgment of Paris. Though it is another demonstration of the rivalry between the Immortals. At the wedding all of the Immortals were there including Goddess Eris who was god of chaos and strife. She threw a gold apple into the crowd, the apple had ‘’for the fairest’’ inscribed on it. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all thought that they deserved it. No one, not even Zeus or Poseidon wanted to choose one over the other, so they asked Paris prince of Troy. Each Goddess offered him a bribe Hera offered a wide empire, Athena Military glory and finally Aphrodite offered the most beautiful women in the world, which was Helen. Paris chose to give the apple to Aphrodite because he wanted Helen (The Judgment of Paris). Paris went to Sparta for Helen even though she was married to Menelaus, brother of the leader of the Greeks Agamemnon. Many Greeks went to fight in the war because they had made a promise too. When Helen had become a marriageable age a lot of Kings and Princes wanted her. Her stepfather wisely made them all swear to a pact that if she was ever taken from her husband they would go fight to get her back. When the war first started Thetis dressed Achilles as a girl and sent him to Scyros. During his time there…

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