Achilles Is Considered A Hero Essay

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The Mycenaean hero lived by strict social and cultural norms that would guide his life at home and on the battlefield. His position as a hero depended upon understanding his place in society and performing in accordance with society’s expectations. When the hero expressed himself in words, he believed that his thoughts were derived from either society or a god. The hero’s social responsibility was essential to maintain his status, but the only way to establish his status was through his performance as a hero in combat on the battlefield. Furthermore, he had to show respect for and respond to social situations; he had to respect his superiors and show loyalty to his friends, and he could no way disgrace himself, his family, or his community. The Mycenaean community depended upon their heroes to defend its social and religious rites and all other facets of community life. Although Achilles is considered a hero, he least exemplifies the customs and expectations of his society. This idea of social status is in keeping with the heroic code by which Achilles has lived, but in his isolation, he comes to question the idea of fighting for glory alone because “a man dies still if he has done nothing.” The idea developing in Achilles’ mind is that the concept of home and the individual are both important to society and to a heroic warrior. Achilles has a strong sense of social order that in the beginning, which manifests itself in his concern for the disorder in the Achaian camp; a…

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