Essay on Achilles As A Great Warrior

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Being born into greatness, the sky really was only the limits for Achilles. Achilles was raised to be a great warrior for the Greek people, leading them to battle the famous Trojan War. He was even deemed a hero by the Greek people and was also the main focus of the epic Iliad by Homer. However, everyone has to die at some point in life but, Achilles death may have been avoidable. Achilles rage, interference by the Gods and one fatal mistake by his mother have doomed this hero to an early death. Achilles was born as the son of Peleus, “the mortal king of the Myrmidons–a people who, according to legend, were extraordinarily fearless and skilled soldiers” (History), and Thetis. With his father being Peleus, Achilles was destined to become a great warrior. Knowing that her son will be a warrior Thetis took an infant Achilles to the River of Styx. The River of Styx is said to be “the boundary between Earth and the Underworld” (The River) which the water can give whoever entered the water the power of invincibility. Thetis submerged the infant Achilles into the water holding him by the heel. By holding Achilles by the heel, Achilles body was invincible except for the heel that his mother held. This would be the first mistake that will take the life of Achilles. If Thetis would have dipped him into the water by holding his back and submerging him completely Achilles would be alive to tell his own tale.
When Achilles was Nine years old a seer came to his mother Thetis and told…

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