Achilles And Achilles : The Hero Of The Epic Essays

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In The Iliad Homer, the epic poet brings the reader into a war of attrition between two great peoples, the Achaeans and the Trojans. Throughout the epic poem the reader familiarizes themselves with the two of the main protagonists within the poem, Hector and Achilles. As the epic progresses the reader learns the key differences and similarities Achilles and Hector have, and perhaps maybe choose who they see as the true hero in poem. However, one could say that both Hector and Achilles could be heroes, but heroes in a different time. For example, Achilles in the time period closer to when the Trojan War takes place would most likely be more of a hero to the listeners during that time, do his goddess mother Thetis and to his godlike qualities. These god like qualities that Achilles is expressed to have would be popular to the Ancient Greeks who were so envious and pious to the Gods. However, in today’s world we would most likely characterize Hector as the hero of the epic. Though, Achilles’s god like qualities may compare to those of a superhero in today’s world, the readers ability to relate to Hector more than Achilles would cause a person from our generation to glorify a Hector more than Achilles. Hector being a family man, husband, father, and the equal to a soldier in today’s world is far more relatable than the son of a goddess Achilles is. Overall, Hector would be the hero of the epic in today’s era due to the relatability, meanwhile Achilles would appeal more to an…

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