Achilles : Ancient Greek And Roman Times Essay

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In the Ancient Greek and Roman times, there are always men going on quests or fighting extraordinary battles. Most of these men are descendants of the gods which meant they are destined for greatness, doom, or frequently both. Achilles is one of those Classical Greek heroes. In his story he is transformed from an arrogant and narrow-minded brute, to a noble hero who cares for more than who his next opponent is. Achilles comes from a small city in Greece called Larissa where his mother and cousin both live. Achilles teaches his cousin Patroclus how to fight like him, making Achilles the archetypal Mentor. In the hero 's “Normal” world, he enjoys women, eating, and fighting enemies. Though Achilles sends the vibe that he only fights because he wants to, not because of Agamemnon 's orders. His motivation to fight is his opponent and the glory that comes with winning, but he doesn 't fight for a living. He doesn 't seek battles but when one comes his way he doesn 't shy away. This is shown by Achilles when Agamemnon calls for him to fight Thessaly’s greatest warrior. Achilles is not in the army and has no desire to fight for a king. He tells the Thessalian King defiantly that Agamemnon is not his King after he kills their best warrior. Odysseus comes to visit Achilles on Agamemnon 's bidding to ask him to join the war. This is the catalyst in the story. His mother tells him his fate if he goes to war and his fate if he were to stay home.Achilles is left with the…

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