Essay about achieving success and virtual teams

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Case Analysis - 3
Achieving Success in Virtual Teams

Overview: In today's competitive world, companies are gradually vacating their cubicles and enter into the virtual workforce to increase work efficiency, reduce cost and resolve organizational problems (Ahmed & Ebrahim, 2009). Nowadays, companies are investing a bulk amount of money on virtual teams to enhance their performance since it has become an indispensable prerequisite for companies to stay in competitive in the era of globalization (Ahmed & Ebrahim, 2009). Virtual teams consist of members from different cultural backgrounds who work in various organizations with different set of standards and members of the virtual teams have the least probability to meet in person
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Moreover, the process of set up trust and ensuring healthy collaboration among team members is difficult but lack of these might lead to failure of virtual teams (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 348).

2. Discuss the extent to which the characteristics of well-functioning, effective groups overlap the attributes that contribute to the success of virtual teams. The most effective virtual team exhibits different characteristics which would eventually lead to the success of virtual teams. The effective virtual teamwork determines the understanding of different aspects of cultures, peoples and organization (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 348). The selection of right people to provide services is very crucial for team's success and it is imperative to employ those workers who are self motivated (Erickson & Gratton, 2007). Moreover, the endeavor of virtual worker's is to involve in mutually supporting work relationships in which work members share common objectives and errands (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 348). Good virtual team members tend to do well in their assigned task in wherein they experience and tolerate haziness (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 348). Likewise, good team members are also independent thinkers who are always willing to take positive initiative and they have a very good command over communication. Strong

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