Achieving Happiness At The Cost Of Others Essay

1564 Words Dec 4th, 2016 7 Pages
I remember the entire situation vividly; I was 12 years old. Living in the moment I began to gracefully transcend into the stage of interest, in which I would become completely infatuated with girls my age, preferably older. Growing up, I was happy, pursuing happiness was effortless to say the least. At this age I feel like more emphasis is being put on the idea of pursuing happiness at the cost of others is fine to people. Happiness is a very broad and loose term, which is appropriate, some find happiness at the bottom of a bottle, others find theirs doing what they love, I’m still pursuing my own. I didn’t start being intimate with women my age until my junior year but the Summer before my senior year was legendary. I had a group of friends who I played football with that lived a street over from me, I worked during the day and had practice in the afternoon but the evenings were times to “scheme.” We had some really wild women come and go, I got drunk for the first time in my life and realized I never wanted to drink Liquor again, I made some great friends who I now call family members to say the least it was epic. Once senior year started I had been having a great season in football, after one game I had been in the parking lot with two of my teammates and I saw two childhood friends of mine, Dee and Taylor. They had a girl with them I noticed from twitter and snapchat, but I didn’t know her personally so I introduced myself with a hug, spoke for a while, then sped off.…

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