Achievement Project 2016 Grant Aid Scholarship Application Essay

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Conaway Achievement Project 2016 Grant Aid Scholarship Application

I can still remember Convocation like it was yesterday. I was scared, doubtful and didn’t think I would fit in. I had the fear of leaving my mother and becoming a more independent adult. I felt down until I reached the Conaway Achievement Project table and saw Andrea and Adam. I remember letting out all of my emotions and became welcomed into a new family. It made a huge difference when I knew that I had somewhere there for me during my transition to Columbia. I would be a good candidate for the Conaway Achievement Project 2016 Grant Aid Scholarship because I have been an active CAP member and employee.
Every day during my first month at Columbia I made the basement of 618 S. Michigan my home away from home. I felt as if Andrea, Adam, Brittany and Erica were my new best friends and I felt safe trusting them with all of my fears and experiences as a new student. I consulted Brittany whenever I needed some help picking out outfits for auditions and Andrea even volunteered to bring some of her own dress clothes for me to borrow. I felt blessed to have a close knit of individuals to confide in while being in a huge city environment.
When I found out that the Conaway Achievement Project was going to move to 623 S Wabash I was upset about losing that home like feeling to move to a smaller space. What I didn’t know at the time was that CAP was hiring student assistants to help out with monitoring the computer…

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