Achievement Motivation And How It Is Measured Essay example

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Achievement Motivation and How it is Measured Why do some individuals try harder than others? Why do some people get upset after a failure and others view failure as a learning experience? They are all compelled to accomplish their goals, thus achievement motivation is derived. Achievement motivation links personality with the degree of competitiveness shown by an individual. Its main focus is the extent to which an individual is motivated to attain success. Some psychologists believe that a competitive inclination is a product of nature. Murray (1938) indicated that it was natural for one individual to strive to surpass another. Conversely, Bandura (1977) believed that a competitive drive was a product of learning. The theory most relevant to modern times is an interactionist approach proposed by Atkinson McClelland. (1976). Atkinson and McClelland viewed achievement motivation as a personality trait, which is triggered by a situation. The situation comprises the ‘’probability of success’’ and the ‘’incentive value of success.’’ Probability of success is the extent to which success is possible; for example, success is more likely if the task is found by the individual to be easy. Incentive value of success is the intrinsic value experienced by the individual after success has been attained; for example, the tougher the task, the greater the incentive value because the probability of success is reduced. Achievement motivation takes personality traits of the individuals…

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