Essay on Acetate Department Case Analysis

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The old acetate department located in an old four storey building follows a workflow that is heavily based on shifts/rotations because production is based on a per batch basis. A typical shift, the group leader and his crew would complete two or three batches. The night shift usually has lesser work because no deliveries were made.

In the new system, the management wants to improve productivity. The department was redesigned from batches to continuous processing. Technical changes allowed the department to reduce its workforce due to acquisition of machines. The new system expects an increase in production capacity to 25 million pound per year. There was also an increase in pay for the remaining employees. No one was
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- Will save time
- No Interruption on operations
- No Additional costs for training

- Continue high rate of absenteeism
- Continued operational errors
- Low production compared to what is expected

3. Go back to the Old Acetate Department System.

- No training needed
- No additional costs

- Slower production
- Low production capacity
- No innovation


Alternative Courses of Action Goal Resources Internal Process
ACA 1 Yes Yes Yes
ACA 2 No No No
ACA 3 Yes No No

The resource-based and internal process approaches show that human resources affect the effectiveness of the new system.

Misuse of this resource leads to their unachieved goal of profitability and growth.

Taking the new system, the change needs to be effectively established. In order for the system to be effective, the new system should be able to gain people's commitment and cooperation.

That is why we recommend that we adapt the system but re-establish the goals that usually happen during the unfreezing stage of the change.


1. Meeting with the employees
-the management should meet the employees in a quorum in order to inform them the reason of adopting a new system and its advantages specifically of efficiency and productivity. In turn, the management should take note of the concerns raised by the employees because this will be vital in making the new system

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