Acculturation And Cultural Transition

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Register to read the introduction… New immigrant to the country normally faces serious acculturating challenges than before. Acculturation represents changes in the cultural identity and personality identity that has the potential anchor an immigrant during their transition to a new society. I could detect some sense of family separation, and isolation from the support the couple was used to in their hometown which was in the Washington, DC area. Since acculturation is a process of adaptation along two dimensions that involve; embracing ideas, values and behavior of the receiving culture, and retention of the values, ideal and belief from the couple home of origin. The couples explained that they faced numerous challenges during the transition to the new culture. New groups are usually faced by acculturation obstacles not because they have decided to move to a new culture, but rather because they have been involuntarily subjected to the dominance of a majority group. Furthermore, identity is also a crucial issue for immigrant. The interview with the couple reflected that a cultural and social identity normally underlies acculturation. The couple indicated that their personal identity played a significant role in anchoring their personality during cultural transition and adaptation I was deeply moved by the couple‚Äôs cultural experience because to me it …show more content…
They are termed to be common to all cultures because the benefits of common graced are usually experienced or intended for the entire humankind without distinction between one people to another. From the interview conducted with the couple, it is evident that the culture believes that Allah showers the grace upon humanity. The culture holds that his common grace normally prevents human beings from doing wrong things that they could have done without his grace. In addition, the culture believes that common grace restrains his wrath or punishment against the sinful mankind. Since the common grace is the explanation of the widespread presence of goodness in the fallen culture, we can only pray for a common grace that bestows his blessings, both spiritual and physical including those that reject

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