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Click to add text to title page ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2

ACCT3583: Seminar 1 Administration

Seminar 1 – Analysing the External Environment

Welcome to ACCT3583 – Management Accounting 2! We will begin with a course overview – referring to the ACCT3583 Course Outline Outline. This is an opportunity to discuss learning outcomes, assessments and general course admin., as well as providing a subject overview We will then cover Topic 1: Analysing the External Environment

ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2

ACCT3583 Teaching team
Teaching Team Contact details
Brian Burfitt (Lecturer‐in‐Charge)
Yee Shih Phua

ACCT3583 Teaching team
Tues 10am – 12Noon

Teaching Team Contact details
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(usually = 50% in EACH assessable component) Read the Course Outline carefully for more details! Please plan your time to meet all deadlines



In Class Quizzes (10%)

Syndicate Case Project (25%)
This assignment:  is due at the beginning of your assigned Seminar 9 class;  requires the application of strategic thinking to resource management issues for a listed Australian company;  must be completed on time;  involves peer evaluation; and  includes a syndicate nomination form that must be submitted in Seminar 3 (please refer to the Course Outline for further information).
Please organise and co-operate with your syndicate group – if you have any issues or challenges in your group, please discuss them with your Seminar Leader as soon as they arise

To be held at the beginning of your assigned Seminar class. Those selected to be graded will be at the discretion of your Seminar Leader. Quiz content will be based on the CURRENT week. For eg. If the quiz is held in Week 5, the quiz content will be on Topic 5.

ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2


ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2


Syndicate Presentation (10%)

Individual Reflection Statement (5%)

Each syndicate group will be required to make a presentation during class in Seminar 12 (week 13), based on their submitted g assignment Details of the presentation requirements will be placed on Blackboard

This is based on your individual

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