Accra Beach Hotel Case Study Essay

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Carlo V. Austria

I. Overview * The case is about the Accra Beach Hotel on the Caribbean island of Barbados. West Indien Cricket Servies, an important international sporting event, sent a request to the hotel manager of the Accra Beach Hotel that concerns hosting WICS accomodation for a special rate. This rate involves a discount for 50 of the 141 rooms of the hotel. It is now then the call of the sales manager whether to accept the inquiry or not. But before the manager could decide on the matter, she should consider the welfare of the business people who will be neglected if they chose to accept the offer from WICS. On the other hand, it will bear a publicity effect as the marketing exposure through the Board if they chose to host
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The promised promotion by WICS in its events will greatly benefit the hotel in a way that it will be noticeable to the sports loving community and athletes alike. This action will also promote financial stability though with lower profit because most of the rooms will be accomodated. Given how most of the WICS community will be out on their events, the conflict between the different market segments of the hotel will be somehow minimized.

VIII. Recommendation
The hotel should consider having an expansion to accomodate more guests and to be able to provide them with utmost service.

1. What factors lead to variations in demand for rooms at a hotel such as the Accra Beach?
The factors that leads to variations in demand for rooms at a hotel such as the Accra Beach are seasonal cycles, economic cycles and days of the week.

2. Identify the various market segments currently served by the hotel. What are the pros and cons of seeking to serve customers from several segments?
The market segments currently served by the hotel are business travelers, business conference participants, vacationers, tour group participants and its locals. The pros of serving several segments is that success can easily be perceived. These segments are also often counter-cyclical. The cons of serving several segments on the other hand are, conflicts that may arise due to the tension between the different segment might bring a

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