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Literal meaning of Advertising:  Advertising was originated from a Latin term ―advertire‖ which means ―to turn to.‖  The dictionary meaning of the term advertising is ―to give public notice or to announce publicly.‖

Definition of Advertising:  The American Marketing Association has defined Advertising as ―any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of goods, services or ideas by an identified sponsor.‖

Elaboration of the above definition:  First advertising is ―paid for‖ that means it involves commercial transaction.  Secondly advertising is ―non-personal‖ that means it is directed towards a mass audience not directed towards any individual as it is in the case of personal selling. 
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 When immediate sales are not possible alternative behavioral patterns or actions or interests of the customers have to be studied. It will be done by analyzing the communication and decision process that is affecting the desired behavior.

3. Behavioral Dynamics.  An understanding of market dynamics is necessary to analyze the behavior of the customer. Increase in sales can occur basically from three sources or market condition the first one is the new customers attracted for the first time, second by increasing the loyalty of the existing customers and by inducing the existing customers to use the product more.

4. Using Intervening and Behavioral Variables.  Using advertising measures that intervene between the incidence of stimulus (advertising) and the ultimate behavioral response of the customers. Such response measures are called intervening variables.
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5. Specifying the Target Segment.  Specification of the target audience to whom the advertising will be directed. Thus advertising should specify the target audience and how those audiences are to be influenced by advertising.

Setting Objectives
Advertising Objectives
• Specific Communication Task • Accomplished with a Specific Target Audience • During a Specific Period of Time


Informative Advertising
Build Primary Demand

Persuasive Advertising
Build Selective Demand

Comparison Advertising
Compares One Brand to Another

Reminder Advertising

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